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Popular Questions Asked


1. You can search for reliable vendors that are closeby using the search tools (category, location, price filter etc.) made available on this website.

2. It’s best to make use of reviews from previously serviced clients to choose from the list of vendors made available to you through the search result. Also, when you see the pass mark (✓) sign on a vendor’s listing,  it’s an indication that the vendor’s identity has been authenticated and the listing verified. This is a measure to avoid falling prey to fraudulent acts.

3. Therefore, use both reviews and the (✓) as key standards before hiring or booking the service of a vendor. All other standards should be treated as secondary.

4. Make sure all transactions are carried out on the toastnaija website and avoid striking deals with vendors off the site. This is for the safety of both the clients and vendors from all forms of fraudulent activity, and also to help toastnaija deliver on their community goal (i.e a win-win for all parties involved, while also delivering on their mission and vision for all indigines of Nigeria).

5. For Users: Help us keep track of your event experience by leaving reviews on a vendor’s service delivery. It will help toastnaija and vendors improve on their services and also help other clients in their choice of vendors and also in getting the value they deserve (i.e best value for their money and reduction in stress that comes with planning and implementing event ideas etc.).

For Vendors: Please capitalize on client reviews and recommendation in improving your services and attain a desired level of quality.

Note:  Please avoid any form of back-door dealing. Any incidences or occurrences (of fraud) as a result of  your back-door dealing won’t be accounted for by toastnaija, neither will a refund be issued to that effect. However, the vendors involved, reported or caught in the act will be dismissed from using the services that toastnaija provide and as such account of the involved vendors will be permanently deleted. Please refer to our Trust & Safety Guidelines for more information.

Yes. You can check our Privacy Policy for more information on what personal information is collected and how they are used.

Of course. Login to using your username and password, then proceed to your account dashboard where you can set up your business profile or design your business page as you see fit.

Yes, it’s very possible to be a provider of more than one event service.

  1. When adding your business listing, you can add more than one service by ticking them in the category box, or
  2. After creating one listing successfully, you can then go ahead to create another listing. is compatible on androids and iOS devices. The website works perfectly on all modern web browsers.

You can reach our customer service about;

1.  Feedbacks, recommendations and resolving technical issues through

2. Billing related issues through

3. Terms & condition of Use | Privacy Policy related issues through

4. Making an enquiry or asking for information through

ToastNaija representatives are here to ensure you enjoy quality service and value for your money. We go through great lengths to ensure the safety and security of your account.

We follow up on every booking undertaken by vendors on the toastnaija website. However, ToastNaija doesn’t guarantee you 100% quality service delivery, but they have some measures already in place to make the platform sustainable for both parties to thrive. And ofcourse, it will be awesome to have your full cooperation by joining in our quest for changing the face of Events and at the same time, bettering the lives of every Nigerians.


We make use of Paystack, an enterprise-class credit card and billing management suite, to process all one-time and recurring credit card transactions.  Your credit card information never ‘touches’ our servers, and is maintained by Paystack’s advanced encryption technology. All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256, and ToastNaija staff do not have access to your credit card details.

We dedicate the services we render to make life and event experiences of all Nigerians better and we have long-term commitment to being the best provider of reliable event services in Nigeria.

Payments are to be made to ToastNaija to ensure and enforce quality service delivery, refunds and more.

You can request for the cancellation your bookings by contacting our Customer Service at

We charge a small, negligible fee from event vendors on every job undertaken. Check Vendor Terms for more information.

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