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Trust & Safety Guidelines


Every day, several additional services are put to display on ToastNaija. This is made possible by Vendors who are passionate entrepreneurs and the Clients who utilizes the ToastNaija platform for the purpose of convenient living. ToastNaija is founded on core values centered around value exchange and the need for quality services. We are committed to empowering eventpreneurs in the widely dispersed Nigeria population. The world we know is evolving very fast and experiencing a transitioning from everyday physical engagement and transactions to securing a business space online, capable of accommodating tentacles of business activities.


What Is Our Community Like?

  • Event Host – They come to ToastNaija to have an engaging event experience where they have access to a variety of event vendors who are actively involved in providing these event services on a daily basis.
  • Event Vendors – They come to ToastNaija because of the opportunity to connect with the ever expanding network of event hosts wanting to hire their services, and for access to the tools of the platform that helps make their business transactions easier.


Here Are Few Guidelines To Abide By.

Building a healthy community of trust and value exchange.

For safety of both parties; don’t try to cut corners or transact with each other outside the protective umbrella of ToastNaija. All transactions (requests and offers) should be concluded online on the platform. Don’t try to engage in shady deals. Also, ToastNaija will try as much as possible to do right by both parties, so it’s only fair that same gesture is reciprocated, and as such join us in our quest for quality and exchange of values, and also foster the growth of the community.

We want a Win-Win for the community
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